The Hungarian Reformed Church has been serving its drug mission since 1984. The Church’s Wandering Youth Rescue Mission Drug Therapy Home was established in 1986 in a farmhouse. The Drug Therapy Home in Ráckeresztúr, interpreted as a drug-free community, provides professional and human assistance to applicants to help their residents decide to get rid of their drug addiction by supporting their own decision-making and the community of therapists. Their goal is not only to develop a drug-free but self-supporting, full-fledged lifestyle in which Christian faith and commitment were and remained the foundation of the therapeutic program. The institution hosts 35 men between the ages 16-35. Professional staff includes psychiatrists, doctors, pastors and social workers. The therapy consists of three phases. In each phase the inhabitants can achieve different competences. At the end of the therapy after-care sessions help the previously addicted residents to reintegrate into society.