A Hableány hajó baleset mentői 07
Industrial diver Frigyes Banki of the Szokoar company is portrayed at the Petrol bay in Budapest, Hungary, 09 July 2019. ’It was a giant coffin,’ says the diver who repeatedly dived into the sunken Hableany cruise ship during the rescue. Amid poor visibility - ten to fifteen centimeters - the divers could rely on the WWII-era wrecks of the Margaret Bridge, which were well known from their previous dives. Banki had to go under the ship several times to tie the straps for lifting, but when he was there he didn't think what it would be like if the fifty-eight-tonne boat - which weighed seventy tons from the amount of mud – would fall on him. For Banki too, the youngest victim caused the deepest shock. When the five-year-old girl and her grandmother were brought up, everyone saluted them on the ship.