A Hableány hajó baleset mentői 02
Fireman Lieutenant Colonel Zoltan Bisztran,Head of Operation of the National Directorate General for Disaster Management, is portrayed under the Rakoczi Bridge in Budapest, Hungary, 25 June 2019. Everything was against us:it was dark with high wind and pouring rain,the water level of the Danube was high and its current was strong, so we could not deploy helicopters',he recalls.Bisztran led the rescue operation on the night of the tragedy until the next morning. Firefighters had set off at the first signal but they learned what happened exactly much later, which complicated the rescue operation.The first people were pulled out of the water near the Chain Bridge.Apart from the fire brigade's own boats,they also used all available rescue boats of the police and the army,as well as the boats of nearby vessels of various shipping companies.They sent out ships equipped with thermal cameras and light masts all the way to the southern bridge of the M0 motorway,and searched the banks, too.