A Hableány hajó baleset mentői 01
Laszlo Dajka, captain of the Monarchia ship, is portrayed in the ship cabin in Budapest, Hungary, 24 June 2019. 'It was heartbreaking to witness the woman we rescued did not let go of our sailor's and his girlfriend's hands even when she was safe on board with us, as if she was clinging to her life', says the captain, who sailed near the accident at the time of the tragedy. Dajka was alerted on radio about the collision. He and his colleagues were astonished to see many people in lifeboats floating on the water. Maneuvering was made difficult by the heavy traffic on the Danube. The water was terribly cold and the drift was very strong. They tried to reach two people, a man and a woman who approached them at high speed, but they could not get the man, who was lying nearly unconsciously in the lifebuoy. They managed to pull the woman onboard and the man was also rescued by the motorboat crew of a hotel ship. The captain claims this has been the most dramatic rescue of his life.